Oral Presentation

Each speaker is allocated 15 minutes for your talk, including the time for Q&A and for the changeover between speakers, so please aim for no more than 12 minutes for the presentation itself. The slides and the presentations must be in English.

In each oral presentation room, Laptop (with MS-Office & Adobe Reader), projector & screen and laser pointer will be available. You need to meet the chair of your session 10 minutes before session start and test your slides.

Poster Presentation
1. Poster Dimensions
Poster Size
: A1 Size 23.4 inches (59.4 cm) wide x 33.1 inches (84.1 cm) high.
Please note that printing out your submitted full paper in A4 size format is NOT acceptable.

2. Poster Content
Title: The conference short name, paper ID, and paper title should appear at the top.
Text: Text should be readable from five feet away. Keep the text brief. Try to use text to introduce the study, explain visuals and direct viewers' attention to significant data trends and relationships portrayed in the visuals, state and explain the interpretations that follow from the data.
Figures/ Tables: Each figure should have a brief title. Try to use color figures rather than only black and white text to make your poster attractive and highlight the important technical content of your paper. Make sure that the text and the visuals are integrated.

3. Poster Display
Author should post up your poster on the poster panel in the morning of the day of your poster session.
Please note that your poster should be prepared well in advance.
Please remove your poster before end of the day, or it will be discarded.